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T-Mobile to add carrier billing and new app channel

5 years ago 10

Starting November 17, 2009 T-Mobile will allow users to buy Android Market apps by using their T-Mobile account to complete the purchase. Cole Brodman, CTO of T-Mobile said, “It’s another accelerant to make sure the paid ecosystem can thrive and flourish.”

Sprint has also recently announced they will be adding carrier billing for the Market and it will be interesting to see how Google implements this. We do not know if this will be a simple tweak to the checkout process or require an update to the Android Market.

We think it would be in the communities best interest if Google were to release the Android Market as a separate application (similar to the new Maps) so that devices stuck on Android 1.5 (Sprint Android phones) would have equal access to it.

T-Mobile will also be creating their own T-Mobile channel in the Android Market. Details are limited, but we expect this to be an expansion of the T-Mobile AppPack which is currently available in the Market.

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