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What features were left off Android 2.0?

Anytime a major software release happens, certain features will be left on the cutting room floor in order to hit the target release date. Android 2.0 was no exception to this rule and we know of two features that were left off. Android 2.1 is currently in development for the Motorola Droid and we have no idea what will be included, but it is possible the following features might find their way into the release.

Google Earth for Android

Google Earth has been available on the iPhone for over a year. The application was recently updated to version 2.0, but it is still not available for Android. Believe it or not, Google Earth was originally slated to be available on the Motorola Droid. Apparently it was not ready in time because the application was left off the phone. Keep an eye on the Android Market, because we expect to see Google Earth in the next couple of months.

Chrome Sync for bookmarks

The Motorola Droid was also supposed to support bookmark syncing with the Chrome browser. This feature is currently available in the latest Chrome 4.0 beta, but it was not ready in time for the Droid launch. Expect this feature in a future version of the Android browser once it comes out of beta for the desktop version.

Know of any other features that might be coming to Android 2.1? Hit up our tip line.

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