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Crocodile Keyboard chomping its way onto Android

Crocodile Keyboard, a triangle-shaped staggered-grid layout keyboard, is coming to Android on December 7th. The soft keyboard takes the innovative approach of changing each key shape to a triangle, increasing space between each key and reducing double or missed touches.

Look at all them teeth

Look at all them teeth

The effect is (hopefully) a more flexible and more accurate keyboard. The creator writes:

This can obviously be used in various sizes and helps to stop double hitting of keys and gives a very clear indication of where the key is as the area around the key becomes a triangular guide. This is of great benefit for people who are not blessed with small fingers or have any visual impairment.

What do you think? Does this layout work for you? Would you try it over the stock keyboard? What keyboard replacement (if any) are you currently using?

[via MobileCrunch]

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