Dec 11 AT 6:10 PM Clark Wimberly 10 Comments

Mobile advertising thinks outside the bun

Ever been searching around on Google Maps for a place to dine and been unsatisfied with the current selection of ground beefs and cheeses? Cue Taco Bell to the rescue.

While using Google Maps today to locate a place to eat, Taylor noticed some new in-map advertisements from Taco Bell. We’ve never seen this type of ad before so we can only assume the changes came with the most recent update to Google Maps.

Check out the gallery below to see the ads in action. What do you guys think? Are these suggested destination ads likely to send you running for the border?

PS: That last screen is the destination URL (aka the Taco Bell mobile site), not some in-map pop-up. And while we like to tease Taco Bell we’ve enjoyed many a late-night burrito feasts at the fine establishment.

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