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Opera Mobile 10 announced for Android

The waiting game is almost over. We have known for a couple months that Opera Mobile 10 would be making its way to Android and the company has finally released the first version to OEMs.

Opera Mini 4.2 has been available on Android for most of this year, but Opera Mobile 10 will offer an entirely new experience targeted towards smartphones.

Opera Mobile 10 offers many exciting features like Opera Turbo which increases page load times up to 50%. Opera Widgets will also allow developers to create their own add-ons for the mobile browser.

Opera will offer one mobile interface on any mobile phone.

Opera will offer one mobile interface on any mobile phone.

I had a brief chance to play with Opera Mobile 10 running on a HTC Hero and I came away very impressed. Even though my time was limited, I got the feel Opera was taking Android very serious and plans to fully support the platform over the coming years. It will be refreshing to have an alternative browser from a major player that receives routine updates. Google has been slow to update the official Android browser and PocketFox might not be available for months.

Benefits of Opera Mobile 10 include:

  • A true Web experience optimized for mobile phones
  • The ability to offer Web applications right on the idle screen
  • The full richness of Web 2.0 services using AJAX
  • Blazing speed with Opera Turbo
  • Ability to offer Opera Widgets
  • A proven product with focus on innovation, quality and user experience
  • A single reference UI to deploy to any phone

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Source: Opera

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