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Twidroid 3.0 adds support for threaded conversations

Regular readers of the site know of our love for Twidroid. It is the most fully featured Twitter client for Android and gets new updates almost weekly. Twidroid 3.0 was recently released which added support for threaded conversations.

Threaded conversations in Twidroid 3.0.

Threaded conversations in Twidroid 3.0.

Version 3.0 also came with many additional features including:

  • new: threaded conversations
  • new: in-app image previews for twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo, phodroid, posterous and twitter profile images
  • new: in-app link previews
  • new: twidroid plugins 1.0
  • new: action menu design streamlined with icons
  • new: share option for single tweet
  • new: view large avatar in profile
  • new: saved searches sync with twitter
  • new: marker for tweets annotated with geo information
  • new: report spam
  • new: remember timeline position setting (default: on)
  • new: jump to top in timeline button
  • new: autocomplete usernames for timeline and replies
  • new: bring up tweet box directly by typing @
  • new: DM list now with avatars

The developers Zimmermann & Marban show no signs of slowing down and have also posted a roadmap of features for version 3.1:

  • new: unified action and inline link menu — whole tweet brings up the menu now
  • new: native youtube posting in cooperation with google
  • new PRO: offline sending (tweet outbox)
  • new interface languages: chinese, czech, russian, arabic
  • new: sample plugin to integrate your own URL shortener
  • new: RT icon instead of text
  • new PRO: white on black theme

My only question now. How much longer before some big company acquires Twidroid? I think Twitter, Google, or any handset maker would be proud to make this their official client.

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