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Should Android phones be pretty?

Should a phone be pretty? That is the latest question posed in one of Verizon’s “Droid Does” TV spots. Many people have criticized the Droid ads because they tend to target the hardcore geek, but it appears that hasn’t hurt the sales numbers. I believe Android does need some more mass appeal designs and I expect we will see more handset form factors in 2010.

How important is the look and design when purchasing an Android phone? Would you recommend any of the current models to your mom, sister, or aunt?

So far I think HTC has done the best job with their Sprint Hero and Verizon Droid Eris, but the handset makers still have a lot of progress to make their phones more female friendly. Of all the Android ad spots, I think T-Mobile has done the best job of producing ads that appeal to both sexes.

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