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Google to sell Nexus One with T-Mobile contract? January 5th launch date?

Let us keep the Nexus One day rolling. First we heard a rumor the Google Phone was coming to T-Mobile. Then Google confirmed they had handed out a new Android phone to their employees. Next it was reported that the Nexus One slipped through the FCC with T-Mobile 3G bands. After that an anonymous tipster told us the device would be subsidized for $199.

Now, we have ABC News and Reuters reporting that Google will offer the Nexus One for a reduced price for those who agree to a T-Mobile contract. This would explain the rumored $199 price, but it doesn’t exactly explain who will pay for the subsidy.

The report goes on to say that Google will offer the device directly from their website as early as January 5, 2010. We have heard multiple reports that the Google Phone would land in early January so the date sounds plausible.

T-Mobile recently began offering no-contract plans they are calling Even More Plus. It will be interesting to see how much the Nexus One will cost at full retail price. This may be the source for the conflicting reports that the Google Phone would be both subsidized and un-subsidized.

What do you guys think? This is a pretty awesome phone for T-Mobile to promote their new HSPA 7.2 network.

Look for more live updates throughout the day. This story is getting interesting.

Source: ABC News

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