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Android revolution is short lived in Canada, eh?

Rogers Wireless promised a revolution this past June when they launched their first two Android phones, the HTC Dream and Magic. After hyping the launch and promoting their own app contest, it appears the Canadian carrier has lost its desire to support the phones.

For starters, Rogers never allowed customers to purchase paid applications from the Android Market and now we learn they are not planning any future updates for their first Android phones.

Android 1.5 is stable, reliable, and outdated.

Android 1.5 is stable, reliable, and outdated.

HTC has updated their support page for the Rogers Dream and Magic to inform users that Android 1.6 will not be available. They state that the update was only made available for “Google” branded phones and that their Android 1.5 is a stable and reliable release.

We know both phones can be easily hacked to run Android 1.6 so it is confusing why the carrier would not request an update from HTC. My guess is it has something to do with money and lawyers. This means that Rogers customers who purchased the Dream and Magic will be unable to enjoy recent Google releases like Maps Navigation, Goggles, and the new Android Market because they all require Android 1.6.

As much as this decision disappoints us, at least they were willing to go on record and state that no updates are planned. T-Mobile customers with the same HTC Dream and Magic phones are happy they got Android 1.6, but all are left wondering if their handsets will be updated to Android 2.x.

If you are a Rogers customer, how do you feel about purchasing a smartphone that now has no planned upgrades?

Source: HTC

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