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DoubleTwist adds support for Nexus One

Maybe this is news and maybe it is not. DoubleTwist (the desktop sync software I use to convert videos for my Android phone) just pushed out a new update for their Window’s client. We checked the changelog and look what we found:

  • Integrated Amazon MP3 music store. Currently only users with a U.S. credit card can purchase from the store.
  • You can now re-import your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists (in the Preferences dialog).
  • Support for the Nexus One Android phone.

I’m not sure how or why, but you can clearly see they added support for the Nexus One. So either doubleTwist is really nice and they updated their product for a handfull of Googlers or they know something we don’t (like the rumored January 5, 2010 release date).

If anyone spots any other software updated for the Nexus One, let us know.

Source: DoubltTwist

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