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First videos of the Android-powered Motorola Opus One for Boost Mobile

The Motorola Opus One.

The Motorola Opus One.

Someone at Motorola needs to call the plumber. I’ve never seen so many leaks from a handset company. Or maybe all of this is staged for hype? Who knows?

Last week, the first pictures of the Motorola Opus One were revealed. BGR reported the device would support Sprint Nextel’s iDEN network and which lead us to speculate it is headed to Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile offers no contract, pre-paid plans including the popular Monthly Unlimited Plan at $50. The Opus One would be the first Android phone for Boost Mobile and be marketed as their flagship device.

The Story

Imagine you are walking down the beach and you pick up a phone. The device is a shiny new touchscreen phone that you have never seen before. You rush home to search for the phone on Google, but are not coming up with any relevant results.

This is exactly what happened to our friend Jay. He found the new Motorola Opus One and just happened to have a working Boost Mobile SIM card. Here is his story:

I was in South Beach the other night and found this phone. I then notice it was a Nextel. I don’t own a Nextel but I put my Boost sim card on it and it worked perfectly then I notice that this phone has not been released yet. I wrote to Nextel letting them the situation and they replied the following.


Jay claims he actually got a response from Sprint and they confirmed it was a new phone. I find this a little hard to believe since carriers will never comment on unreleased products. Read it and see what you think. Real or fake?

Dear *******,

Thank you for contacting Sprint and showing interest in our products & services.

We are testing on it and hope to introduce this phone soon. Once it is launched, you will see promotional campaigns related to the launch date and the features of the handset on our Web site and other promotional media.

Please let us know if you would like us to assist you with anything else.

Perry K.Sprint

He then proceeds to upload four videos to YouTube of him playing with the phone. The device is identified as the upcoming Motorola Opus One and it is running MotoBlur powered by Android 1.5. The phone boots up with the Nextel logo, but most Sprint Nextel phones with direct connect are marketed under the Boost Mobile brand.

Watch his first video as he recaps his story and plays with the phone. I don’t think he has ever heard of Android, but he obviously thinks the phone is very cool.

In later videos he goes on to demonstrate fully working Push to Talk, shows off the 5 MP camera, reveal all the system info, and gives multiple shout outs to his boys. None of the data features of the phone are working and I assume he had a calling plan only.

To watch the rest of his videos, visit his YouTube page.

After making the videos, he then goes on to say he put the phone up for sale on Ebay and he thinks it was purchased by the person who lost it (for around $200-300 $850). I couldn’t find the Ebay auction, but maybe someone with some more time on their hands could locate it.

As crazy as the story sounds, I think the entire thing is actually believable. While some parts of it may have been exaggerated, this guy did find a Opus One and demonstrate it working on the Boost Mobile network. It looks like the device is pretty close to a final build and I would expect it to launch in the next couple of months.

Would anyone switch to Boost Mobile to get a cheap Android phone and their $50 unlimited service?

Update (12/12): Well I guess these videos were real because they just got removed from YouTube. I saved the video files to my computer, but I’m choosing not to upload them. I also added a via link for IntoMobile who I found out was all over this story earlier today.

Update 2: The phone sold on Ebay for $850.

Here is a gallery of screen caps from one of the videos:

[Thank you Nelson for the tip]

Via: IntoMobile

Source: YouTube

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