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HTC’s 2010 Android lineup revealed

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It is not every day you get new details on five Android phones. Someone close to HTC has obtained their roadmap for the first half of 2010 and leaked all the details. I’m so overwhelmed right now that I am still trying to process all this information. I wanted to get the pics and specs up first and I will add my commentary in a few minutes. Enjoy.

These pictures come from a leaked brochure that was handed out in Vienna, Austria on October 2009. The exact specs and design details are subject to change.

Design / Lifestyle

HTC Legend – March 2010

HTC Legend HTC Legend specs

HTC Salsa – June 2010

HTC Salsa HTC Salsa specs


HTC Tide – April 2010

HTC Tide HTC Tide specs

HTC Buzz – May 2010

HTC Buzz HTC Buzz specs


HTC Bravo – April 2010

HTC Bravo HTC Bravo specs

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