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Is Android a Trojan Horse?

Google holds a pretty intimidating role in many markets, and therefore isn’t always the most welcome contender. We had a feeling this might be the case, and in this video, we hear an opinion of Google’s role in the GPS market with Google Maps Navigation.

GPS Business News interviews Jim Nardulli, the vice president of worldwide sales for mobile navigation software house, Nav N Go, and reveals a bit of dissent towards Google’s marketing strategies.

It’s very clear to me that Google Maps Navigation, for free, ad supported, is just another ornament that they are hanging on the Trojan horse of Android.

I could be glib and say that Google has a very nice advertising app that also has navigation as a feature, but that would be disingenuous, I suspect.

Do you trust your search results if you know that the first five are paid for? That’s a question. I don’t have the answer.

Nardulli emphasized that Nav N Go is in business to connect with the consumer and that they are not in the business of competing with their customers. What do you think of Google’s role and how they are affecting smaller companies? Is Android really a Trojan horse poised for attack?

Source: GPS Business News

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