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Nexus One Android accessories coming soon

Popular accessory maker Seidio is gearing up to deliver some Nexus One goodies. Visitors to the Seidio website are greeted with a large Nexus One and the message “We will have the ultimate accessories for the ultimate Android phone.” It appears they do not have the phone in hand (since they ripped their pic from Engadget), but customers can sign up now to be notified when product is in stock.

Could this be a company trying to cash in on the hype or might they actually have products in development? I guess we will find out next week when the Nexus One is finally announced.

Source: Seidio

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  1. eneaGuest 5 years ago

    Lol, the phone in the picture is reporting the engadget logo :) vrash…

  2. wth we don’t even know when it will launch

  3. akilGuest 5 years ago

    as long as it says t-mobile in the top right hand corner of the phone i’m happy

  4. Nexus One accesoires om de hoek? | AndroidworldGuest 5 years ago

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  5. BillGuest 5 years ago

    there is already a website up for nexus one cases, , funny… no phone yet but there are so many cases… LOL

  6. VicMatsonGuest 5 years ago

    Seido can’t even come out with some of the Droid accessories, and how many Droids are in the market.

    Good luck for those who wait