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Surprise: 56% of users have a positive opinion of Android Market

Last week we asked for your opinion of the Android Market and the results are in.

Thank you for voting.

Thank you for voting.

Over 2,000 votes were cast and I’m a little shocked by the results. A whopping 56 percent of our readers approve of the Android Market. Only 35 percent disapprove while the remaining 9 percent were unsure.

  • 56% positive
  • 35% negative
  • 9% neutral

I say I’m surprised because I have been generally underwhelmed by the progress the Android Market has made over the last year. We finally got screenshot previews, but there are still numerous tweaks that could be made to improve the user experience. At the end of the day, it looks like Google is doing their job since a majority of our readers approve of the current situation.

Based on the comments, the top requests for the Android Market include:

  • Longer descriptions (more screens, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Desktop client to browse applications
  • Bring paid apps to more countries
  • Add recommendations and discoverability options
  • Correct downloads stalling/failing (appears to be T-Mobile problem only)
  • Bring search functions up to Google standards

It should also be noted that approximately 25 percent of Android users are stuck with the outdated Android 1.5 which includes the older version of Android Market (no screens).

Google recently updated their terms of service for the Market and they are set to go into affect on December 11, 2009. We have heard reports that Sprint and T-Mobile will add carrier billing for paid applications and this could be the date we see an updated Market. It will be interesting to see how Sprint accomplishes this since both of their Android phones currently run Android 1.5.

Check back next month as we run this opinion poll again. We plan to do this once a month and chart public opinion over time. I’m glad to see a majority approve of the Android Market, but I would still like to see Google put more resources into improving the overall experience.

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