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Acer Liquid A1 coming to AT&T?

We just posted an unboxing video yesterday, but today we’ve already got some new Liquid news. Looks like it might be coming to the US market after all. The Acer phone has been approved by the FCC and even has AT&T 3G support (850 / 1900 MHz).

Acer recently announced a half dozen phones on target for the first half of 2010. We’ve heard rumors of other phones headed to AT&T, but this is the first we’ve seen approved by the FCC. Could this Acer snapdragon phone be the first Android offering on AT&T?

Acer Liquid A1 submitted to the FCC

Acer Liquid A1 submitted to the FCC

Via: Unwired View

Source: FCC

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  1. abiGuest 5 years ago

    Omg this is bull crap. Come on tmobile first to offer android taking the chance and letting the word see android and love it and now tmobile is getting f***ked all this power house android phones going to other carriers and none for tmo come on somthines got to give. Ill be dumb to leave the low plans of tmo and being off contract but for android ill pay the high plans for android

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