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Game trailer: Mystique Chapter 3 Obitus

5 years ago 7

Bendroid is back and the epic Mystique story continues. We just got a heads up that one of our favorite game devs is about to release their next Android title. The Mystique series has become one of our top picks for its unique horror/puzzle/escape gameplay. Each part of the series adds new challenging puzzles, a frightening environment to explore, and constantly improving graphics.

Below is a list of highlights for Chapter 3:

  • Two distinct worlds – the hospital basement and hell
  • Fully animated characters
  • Additional action mode, as can be seen from the fight scene in the trailer
  • Larger than 2nd chapter – more puzzles and rooms
  • Some puzzles will not have a single solution – solutions will be generated for each phone at the start of the game
  • Unreal ending that we cannot talk about – just know that it is our tribute to David Lynch

Look for Chapter 3 to hit the Android Market in the first week of February.