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And the free Motorola CLIQ goes to…

Last week I announced I was giving away my unused Motorola CLIQ to celebrate the news it would be receiving Android 2.1. We asked our readers to submit videos telling us why they should get the phone and received 25 responses. Thank you to everyone who participated and placed an entry. There were quite a few readers who I think deserve an Android phone, but I only have one to give away right now. On to the winners.

Grand prize winner:  Braethorn

I had a real hard time selecting the winner, but I went with Braethorn for a couple of reasons. He met the requirements (T-Mobile customer who never owned a smartphone), made me laugh, and provided a helpful reminder of what life was like before we had Android.

I’ve been guilty of making fun of some of the lesser Android phones and taking them for granted, but the truth is just about any Android phone is an awesome upgrade for someone coming from a feature phone.

Runners up:  Chrysteena and Jagjr86

There were so many great entries that I decided to pick two runners up. Both of these people spent some quality time filming and editing their videos so I thought they deserved some kind of prize.

I’m out of phones to give away (for now), but I’m offering each runner up a $100 cash prize that they can apply towards the purchase of a new phone (or whatever else they want to spend it on).

Stay tuned for more freebies. We are posting a new giveaway later today…

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