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Are users ready to backflip for AT&T’s first Android phone?

Motorola unveiled the Backflip at CES and now the device is headed to AT&T Wireless. No official launch date was announced, but rumors suggest we might see the phone as early as March 7, 2010. Motorola will be running a Super Bowl ad next month and we believe the Backflip will be the product they promote.

The phone will feature Motoblur powered by Android 1.5, but Motorola is expected to upgrade the operating system to Android 2.1 later this year. Early reports also suggest the Backflip will lack some Google applications like Gmail (which has been replaced by Yahoo Mail).

I’m sure AT&T customers would rather get their hands on the high-end Motorola Droid, but at least the carrier is finally jumping on the Android bandwagon.

Will any of our readers be getting this phone when it comes out?

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