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Engadget prefers Droid over Nexus One

The official press gathering is still an hour away, but Engadget has posted their full review of the Nexus One. I suggest you visit the source link and read the full article, but keep in mind they reviewed the Google employee version of the phone and not the consumer version.

We have heard several reports that the software shipping on the official Nexus One will be slightly different than what was included in the dogfood version handed out to employees.

Overall, Engadget thinks the Nexus One is a great device and gives it a general positive review. However, they also the device is “just another Android smartphone” and offers nothing substantial over the Motorola Droid. In fact, they went as far to say that they would actually prefer the Droid if they had to pick today.

In fact, if we had to choose between this phone or the Droid right now, we would lean towards the latter.Joshua TopolskyEngadget

Somehow, I think Google is still hiding some details that will be revealed today.

Source: Engadget

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