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Google changes pricing options for Nexus One: 100 new reasons to purchase the N1

Customers who recently paid $379 for the Nexus One will soon be receiving a $100 refund from Google. The refund does not apply to any other customers who purchased the Nexus One. Emails began hitting customers tonight and we received a copy from a loyal reader.

Click to enlarge. $100 refund.

The new lower price appears to be in response to recent criticisms about purchase options posted on the official Android Devices support forums. Earlier today a Google employee posted that they were aware of the concerns.

Also, as you’ve probably seen elsewhere, we’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and concerns and are working to expand the group of customers that qualify for upgrade pricing on the Nexus One. Please stay tuned for more information.EthanGoogle Guide

The pricing options now appear to be:

  • $529 unlocked
  • $279 for T-Mobile customers who meet the eligibility requirements (still working to get exact details on new eligibility)
  • $179 for new T-Mobile 2 yr activation

I purchased my Nexus One for the full $529 unlocked because I currently use the no-contract, T-Mobile Even More Plus plans which offer reduced monthly pricing.

TmoNews has also confirmed the price change via an internal T-Mobile memo.

Does the new $279 price change anyone’s mind who thought the initial cost was too expensive?

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