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Google exploits YouTube to create Nexus One buzz

It has been interesting to watch Google as they promote the Nexus One across their network of online services. We spotted Nexus One Adsense banners the day the phone was announced which were followed by ad spots on Google.com, Gmail.com, YouTube.com, and a host of other Google domains.

Google has another trick to keep the Nexus One hype growing on YouTube, the 4th largest site on the Internet. Several of the top YouTube users began receiving Nexus One phones last week in order to create sponsored videos that would promote the device. No word has been given on how many phones were sent out, but at least 10 videos have appeared on the Google Nexus One YouTube page.

Below is a small sample of videos that have received several million views. We can see a lot of people are watching these videos, but will that translate into more Nexus One sales?

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