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Huawei still hoping to bring Android phones to the U.S.

We have heard countless rumors (dating back to last year) that Huawei was going to launch an Android phone in the United States. They were able to bring the Pulse to T-Mobile UK, but nothing has been announced for the U.S.

Huawei was presenting at CES so we stopped by their booth to see if they had any news. They had three Android phones on display (pics below), but none of them are currently slated for our shores.

After snooping around for awhile, I was told that Huawei is still trying to sway AT&T and T-Mobile to pick up their phones. I asked for a possible time frame and was told to look forward to a second half 2010 release.

In my brief time with the Huawei phones, I was really impressed with their build quality. Some of the models had stock Android and the Pulse featured a custom UI. We generally look down on the custom versions of Android and the Pulse demonstrates why. It had some cool ideas like its infinite desktop, but we would still prefer to see stock Android.

Canadian customers **cough Rogers** should also keep their eye on Huawei for possible phones this year.

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