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iPhone users envious of Nexus One

Last night we attended the It Won’t Stay in Vegas party and ran into some of the top bloggers. I was lucky enough to meet two people who have inspired me to start blogging, Leo Laporte and Justine Ezarik. I know both are big iPhone users so I had to get their opinion on the Nexus One.

Leo told me he really liked the design and had already ordered one. I asked him if he was willing to switch from iPhone and he responded he is still waiting for the Android Market to mature. Several of the apps he uses are not available on Android, but hopefully that will change soon.

Check out Leo’s weekly podcast This Week in Google for the latest Google and cloud computing news.

Justine (or iJustine) is known as the iPhone girl. I never thought she would consider Android, but she is so fed up with AT&T (dropped calls and cant send txt) that she is ready for a new phone. She played with my phone and said it was awesome so maybe she will come over to the dark side.

Spot any other iPhone users with the Nexus One? Let us know.

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