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Motorola introduces Android-powered home phone

Are you ready for an Android-powered home phone? While wondering the floor of tonight’s Pepcom event, I came across the Motorola HS1001.

This gadget is basically a cordless phone that has been upgraded to support Android. The device is slated to be one of the first Android-powered home phones. The HS1001 has dual WiFi technology to connect to its base station and a home WiFi network.

Preliminary specs include:

  • DSPG Arm9 240 Mhz processor
  • 2.8 inch resistive touch screen (QVGA)
  • 256 MB flah ROM / 128 MB RAM
  • MicroSD expansion slot
  • Powered by stock Android 1.6 (no Motoblur)

Motorola expects to launch the phone in the UK first, followed by a Q2 2010 United States release date. The estimated retail price is $149.

Pictured below is a non-working demo unit. We got to see a real device that was powered on, but unfortunately we were unable to film it.

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  • http://twitter.com/tdh004 tdh004

    This seems like a cool idea, but honestly this just looks horrible.

    I wouldn’t mind a home phone that sync’d with my Google Contacts, or a browser built in to Google numbers, but this thing just looks kind of crappy.

    Excited about what could come of this, but this is pretty “meh.”

    I was hoping to see something like the Sony Dash but with Android. I’d love an Android alarm clock that would kind of operation like iGoogle and mix in things like Pandora, etc;

  • http://organizedfellow.com OrganizedFellow

    An Android alarm clock that synced with Google Calendar. Either via touch screen, or fold-out keyboard for even entry.
    Of course it would have FM and require WiFi or Bluetooth to stream an MP3 from my PC or Android phone to wake me up.

    An Android home phone that works along-side my Android phone + Google Voice. Must sync with my Gmail contacts.
    It should ONLY have the dialer and contacts screen, similar to our Android phones.
    Giving it a web browser and other shtuff is just ‘too much’.

  • http://Website Gregs

    so does the base connect via Voip service (through a home router) or a standard land line? it could be a good replacement for the now EOL’d [email protected] service.

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