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MyTouch 2 “Slide” rumored to feature latest HTC Sense UI

Our friend David from TmoNews posted a rumor over the weekend that T-Mobile is planning to launch the myTouch 2 or myTouch Slide this spring. The device is codenamed the HTC Expresso and said to feature the latest revision of the Sense UI.

The myTouch Slide has been pegged for May 17, 2010 which falls in the Q2/Spring 2010 timeframe we were expecting the Android 2.1 update for first generation phones. T-Mobile could choose to launch Android 2.1 on the Slide first and then roll it out to other devices similar to how it launched Android 1.5 with the original myTouch 3G.

Surprisingly, the myTouch Slide will feature the same 528 MHz Qualcomm chipset as the myTouch 3G so it looks like T-Mobile will continue to push the myTouch line of phones to the mid-level, mainstream crowd. Other reports are also suggesting the device would have a physical slide out keyboard similar to the Sidekick. T-Mobile currently offers the myTouch 3G for $149 and I would expect a similar price point for the Slide launch (or even lower).

T-Mobile told us their myTouch brand would be around awhile and they are planning more quarterly issues of the 100% you. myTouch magazine. We have also seen HTC Expresso UI leaked a couple of weeks ago (see video below), so I would rate this rumor highly believable.

I doubt the addition of a physical keyboard is enough to warrant a phone upgrade from current myTouch 3G owners, but if the Slide is priced right ($99-149) this could be a hot product for the back to school shopping season.

Source: TmoNews

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