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New video series: Two Minute Drill – Android apps and games in a snap

Today we kick off a new series called the Two Minute Drill. TMD aims to bring you the best in Android apps and games without all the fluff (under two minutes, one app/game per episode, quick summaries, likes and dislikes, etc)

We start off with a simple time killer called ‘.â„¢’ ( but from here on out I’ll be calling it ‘dot’). In Dot the goal is to roll the ball around the screen collecting blue dots while avoiding the orange triangles. Your white dot is ever-shrinking and collecting blue dots grows your white spot while hitting the orange triangles speeds your demise. The whole thing is backed with zany audio and scrolling lines making for quite the wierd audiovisual experience. No real gameplay depth to be found, just a nicely polished minimalist game perfect for killing some time.

The game, developed by ustwo, is the first in a series of “highly rare designer apps” and sells for £0.59. Scan the QR above to track it down in the market…

Two Minute Drill – DOTâ„¢ by ustwo on Vimeo.

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