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Two Minute Drill – Boxee Wifi Remote


Boxee is one of my favorite media players the internet has ever spawned. Cross-platform, easy to use, insanely awesome looking. The new Boxee Beta was recently released and has quickly become the default app on my media center PC. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time to do so.

The awesomeness of even the greatest media setups is instantly rendered null by the lack of a remote. Enter Boxee Wifi Remote to the rescue. Sure, I could go buy a dedicated USB remote for my PC, but what fun is that?

The Boxee Wifi Remote isn’t an official Boxee product (although they are said to be working on something for Android) but for now it’s doing a great job filling the gap. The only requirement is that your phone be on the same wifi network as your Boxee machine. The remote has play/pause controls, full D-pad (on-screen and using the trackball), keyboard input (for searching, using in Boxee apps, etc), basically anything you’d need to do while surfing around Boxee.

The app is free so if you are running Boxee it’s really simple: you should have this app. This weekend I’m going to run cables from my media PC through my wall to our bedroom TV so I can view my content in both rooms. And this remote should make navigating that content amazingly easy.

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