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Acer Liquid e is a Snapdragon Android phone

Following hot on the heels of its Snapdragon powered predecessor, the Acer Liquid, we now have the Acer Liquid e. The new member of the Liquid family swaps out tired Android 1.6 for fresh Android 2.1, but there are no hardware revisions to speak of here. Current Liquid owners should be able to just tape a little “e” on as soon as Acer gets around to offering a system upgrade.

The exciting part about the phone is our friends from and.roid.es are reporting the Liquid e will retail for €275 ($374) €359 ($494) before subsidies. That would place this phone around the same price as many mid level Android phones, but still pack a punch with its Snapdragon processor.

A new Android device is always welcome, but the reason for this “refresh” seems a little unclear and why Acer did not at least unleash the full power of the Snapdragon processor rather than keeping it underclocked at 768 MHz is a real mystery.

The only other tidbit of note is that as you may remember the Liquid is supposed to be coming to AT&T in the first half of 2010. So whether the version that lands stateside will offer you Android 1.6 or 2.1 is unclear at the moment.

The new list of features which Acer is touting includes:

  • Home screens – The new version now handles five home screens by default, allowing users to easily install more applications from the rich selection available on the Android Market, as well as shortcuts and widgets;
  • Quick Contacts — a feature that lets users easily switch between the address book and the social network applications;
  • Live wallpapers to customize your Liquid e on the fly;
  • A new keyboard layout with an extended dictionary for predictive input;
  • An updated version of the Android browser, supporting HTML5, double-tap zooming, video tagging support and geo-location API support.

Acer Liquid e specs.

Acer Liquid e specs continued.

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