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Android Market has the greatest percentage of free applications

Distimo is a Dutch analytics company that tracks nothing but app stores. They just gave a special presentation at Mobile World Congress titled “Mobile Application Stores — State Of Play” which highlighed the state of the six largest device manufacturer stores (Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile).

The slides from their presentation were placed online (see below) and we can see how Android Market did against the competition.

As expected, the Apple App Store still dwarfs the competition in total size with over 150k applications, but Android is steadily catching up (20k apps). The Android Market has seen an increase in the number of new applications every month since it was opened.

As ReadWriteWeb points out, “Relative to the number of apps housed, Android is actually the fastest growing store.”

When comparing the number of free vs paid apps, Android had the largest share of free downloads (57%). This is likely caused by Google’s openness of the Android Market, which allows casual developers an easy entry (aka all those junk apps). The open source nature of Android also attracts developers who are more willing to give away their work. Finally, Android Market only allows paid apps in 11 countries (vs 77 for Apple App Store).

Some developers have shown a distaste for Google Checkout, but Google is starting to add new payment options.

Looking at the average price of all paid apps, Android Market is in line with the competition. The average price of a paid app in the Android Market is $3.27 vs $3.62 for Apple App Store.

Distimo also suggest that app prices are coming down (Top paid: $0.99), but customers are still willing to pay more for high quality apps (Top grossing: $9.99).

Other noteworthy findings from the latest report include:

  • In Google Android Market, 65% of the publishers are located in the United States, 12% in the United Kingdom, 20% in Europe
    (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain) and 3% in Japan.
  • Publishers located in Europe price their applications highest with an average of $4.42, which is 49% higher than publishers located
    in the United States. The United Kingdom comes second with an average of $3.31.
  • Applications in Apple App Store, Google Android Market and Nokia Ovi Store are priced at around $3.50. Windows Marketplace
    for Mobile and BlackBerry App World are more expensive, averaging $6.99 and $8.26 respectively.

Via: Read Write Web

Source: Distimo

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