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Blapkmarket has left the building – Can we fix the problems it exposed?

Freeloaders and many non-U.S. Android users are pouring one out today for the loss of Blapkmarket, a site which offered up normally paid Android applications for free. The site owner, Jesusxxx, was notified by his host that he was being shut down so whether the site will be resurrected once he can find new hosting digs remains to be seen. I’m hoping that maybe rather than turning to piracy we can work to correct the perceived problems in the Market instead.

First, I’m sorry, but shenanigans to the notion that this is an appropriate response to the admittedly flawed 24 hour trial period on apps in the Market. Developers have to operate within the system that Google has created and it is the developers that you are hurting by downloading these apps for free. I don’t know Jesusxxx and he could be a great guy, but regardless of the intent this site was taking money out of the hands of people that dedicated days, weeks, or months to building their applications.

To the second category of users for the site, the foreign users that cannot access the Market, I understand your frustration but again the blame lies at Google’s feet and yet you are punishing the developers. I can’t believe that Google isn’t already working to rectify this issue, but as I fall out of the affected class I’ll let someone with standing in that area take up that cause.

To the people who are just being cheap and not paying developers for their work, PAY UP!

As to the 24 hour trial period being a real problem for people; I think we can and should do something to get Google’s attention on that issue. If they see enough interest in a change it might make them revisit this policy and to that end I just created a petition here asking that they give developers control over the trial period for their apps or failing that to uniformly increase the trial period from 24 to 72 hours.

I’m more than willing to tweak the petition if people have feedback so please check it out whether you agree with it or not and let me know what you think.

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