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Google continues to give out free Nexii (Nexus One phones)

If you are a journalist or developer who has attended a Google Android event in the last year, chances are you got a free phone. Google started the practice at last year’s Google I/O when they handed out several thousand Google Ion phones. This was followed by the Sprint Developer conference where Google and Sprint provided 500 HTC Heros.

Earlier this year, Google gave all the members of the press a Nexus One when they announced the device at their headquarters. It was then revealed that Google would sponsor the Game Developer Conference and provide a Motorola Droid or Nexus one to all the developers who registered early.

Today we find out that Google is at it again by providing 70 Nexus One phones to attendees of the London Android Developer Lab.

Each Android phone costs several hundred dollars, so Google is really racking up a large bill in order to get these devices into the hands of as many geeks as possible. We are in no way complaining (Thanks for the Ions), but you can sense how much Google wants Android to succeed.

Wise strategy? Money well spent? What do you think?

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