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Gowalla beta for Android now available

Update: A newer version of the beta is now available.

We knew a Gowalla beta for Android was coming this month and the company quietly released one last week. I’ve been following their blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts watching for an announcement, but the the Co-founder Josh Williams shared the news on the company’s Get Satisfaction page.

“While this is not a final release of Gowalla for Android, I’d like to share the first public beta with you personally. Technically, we are calling this beta release 0.1. We will release a more fully featured beta to the Marketplace before the end of the month. Until then, get started here. We’re excited to have you go out with Gowalla on Android.”Josh WilliamsCo-founder Gowalla

Josh also notes that there are a couple caveats to this release including:

  • Gowalla Trips and Items are not supported in this release
  • We are not doing any image caching yet, so images will load slow

I’ve been playing with the beta for a couple of days and I can say it easily surpasses the Foursquare Android app. Techcrunch also notes this early beta is already better than its iPhone counterpart.

The beta version of Gowalla is not ready for the Android Market yet, but you can download it by scanning the QR code below or just click it on your Android phone.

For the latest updates on the Gowalla beta, be sure to follow their Get Satisfaction page.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Get Satisfaction

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