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If someone made a $98 Android netbook, would you buy it? (VIDEO)

Google has yet to certify the Android operating system to run on netbooks, but that hasn’t stopped the manufacturers from shipping them out. I purchased the Acer D250 that came preloaded with Android and it was mostly a disappointment (for running Android). Since the netbooks are not certified by Google, the device makers are not authorized to include the native Google Android apps like Gmail, Maps, and Android Market. Most cheap netbooks also lack a touchscreen which mostly cripples the user experience.

ARMdevices got their hands on the new Hivision PWS700CA which they claim is the cheapest Android netbook around. The specs of the device are not that impressive, but it is rumored to only cost $98. The device is based on a Rockchip RK2808 600mhz ARM926 processor, 128SDRAM, 7 inch 800×480 screen, 720p video playback support, WiFi, Ethernet, audio input/output and weights only 650grams.

It might be cheap, but how useful is it without the Android Market and a touch screen?

Via: ARMdevices

Source: Hivision

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