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Motorola is about to deliver a Devour and Backflip combo


Wasn’t that one of Blanka’s moves in Street Fighter 2? Not important. What is important is that we have two new entries from Motorola sharing the limelight again as they arrive in the next couple weeks and we now have what appears to be final pricing on each of them as well.

Arriving on February 25th is the Motorola Devour for Verizon. Engadget just received a pair of nice blurry cam shots of a Best Buy flyer outing the pricing as $149 on a 2-year as well as the final packaging for the Devour. Based on the feature set (Android 1.6, Palm Pixi processor, the oft-maligned Motoblur), Verizon would seem to be about $50 north of sane on the Devour pricing. Then again, with Verizon’s bi-monthly BOGO deals, perhaps they feel justified in keeping the standard rates a little higher.

Just over a week later Android is making its debut on AT&T with the Motorola Backflip. The Backflip will arrive at a more palatable $99, although there is probably a reasonable argument that it is still too much considering the Backflip will be running Android 1.5 on hardware (ignoring the unique keyboard) that mirrors the Motorola Cliq. This isn’t exactly an auspicious leadoff hitter for Android on AT&T so hopefully something a little more current launches for them soon.

The pricing of these devices brings to mind something that was discussed during the Podcast yesterday, and that is that the manufacturers seem to be living in the past when it comes to pricing these “low-end” phones. In years gone by when top phones were going for $300 plus this may have seemed reasonable, but in a market where the likes of the Nexus One commands a mere $179 (with 2 yr contract), shouldn’t devices of the caliber seen here be free?

Source: Engadget

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