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NIB, NR: Official eBay Android application

Android fans with eBay accounts have made the unofficial Pkt Auctions eBay their app of choice for buying and selling goods (>250,000 downloads). Now they have another choice as eBay has released their first Android application.

The official app has all the standard features one would expect, but it looks like they have a ways to go before they catch up with Pkt Auctions (which has a year headstart). The early reviews for the official app are mostly positive, except for the Pkt Auctions users which have voted it down.

Are you obsessed with eBay? Let us know which app you think comes out on top.

From eBay: With the eBay application for Android, you can search, buy, pay, and check status of your eBay activity no matter where you are. The app features voice search, buyer and seller alerts, advanced search functionality, leaving feedback, and paying with PayPal. With this app, eBay is open for business, anytime and anywhere.

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