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Notion Ink Adam – hands-on video of the Android tablet to beat

Excluse images of Notion Ink Adam

The Notion Ink Adam was by far one of the most compelling devices to emerge from CES this year. It is the only tablet I have seen at present that has a chance to really steal market share away from the iPad. Its release is scheduled for June and it would seem that Notion Ink will actually manage to meet their stated deadline. The hardware you will see in the exclusive hands-on video from Technoholik is nearly finalized and the software  is on schedule to be completed by May.

Technoholik prepared a quick chart pitting the Adam against the iPad (which you can find just beneath the video). The Adam holds its own in most categories, but it is a bit disappointing to see the resolution at 1024 x 600 versus the iPad’s 1024 x 768. In almost every other metric the Adam manages to eclipse its competition.

The rotating camera and the trackpad on the back of the device are particularly interesting touches.

It is not mentioned in the chart, but it is presently running on Android 2.1.

The question mark hanging over the Adam’s head (until some meaningful hands-on time is had) will be can Android deliver a solid tablet experience. On Notion Ink’s site they refer to an “improved Android UI for 10 inch devices” and expressly state that we are not just talking about expanded screens.

They have delivered what looks to be an excellent piece of hardware – now we just need to see that software unlock its potential.

Notion Ink specs.

Source: Technoholik

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