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Samsung Galaxy Spica gain Android 2.1 via leaked firmware

Samsung has yet to release a firmware upgrade to Android 2.1 for any of their Android phones and there are rumors that some devices (like the original Galaxy) would be stuck on Android 1.5. Sprint is working with Samsung to deliver Android 2.1 to the Moment in early Q2 2010, but that is the only model we have confirmed an update for.

A new leaked ROM suggests that Samsung has not forgotten about their other phones and will deliver Android 2.1 to the Spica i5700. Mad Ramblings has posted a guide to flash the new firmware on your Spica and uploaded a few screens to show it off. Included in the firmware are a few customizations by Samsung (Camera, Music, DivX) and the Android 2.1 features we expect like live wallpapers and Google Maps 4.0.

If I owned a Spica I don’t think I would rush to flash this, but at least we know Samsung has an update in the pipeline.

Source: Mad Ramblings

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  1. Imad SharieffGuest 5 years ago

    Samsung galaxy is no more stuck on 1.5 .Last two days ago, Samsung Galaxy got the unofficial 1.6 update and it’s from Samsung.

  2. i heard that samsung will release Spica in indonesia soon, and they said it’s 2.1 wow,let me check it next week,i’ll see it when it launch

  3. BlogsdnaGuest 5 years ago

    Yes Samsung Galaxy i7500 has officially got android 1.6 Donut update firmware I7500XEFJB2 is latest firmware and is upon Androidforum for download.

  4. GustavoGuest 5 years ago

    Yeah! This is up and running.

    I7500 running android 1.6 since 23/02/2010

    PDA: I7500XXJB6
    Phone: I7500XXJB2
    CSC: I7500XEFJB2

    Best regards

  5. EdGuest 5 years ago

    I flashed to the Asian 2.1 on my new spica and it is pretty good. Only issue I have is that my data connection does not work anymore and when I request new settings from my operator I get the response that no settings are available for my handset. Only slightly annoying at the moment as I don’t tend to use mobile internet but hopefully the official version will sort this problem out…

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  7. ChristianGuest 5 years ago

    Since this leaked 2.1 has DIVX support..would someone who flashes it be able to take out the DIVX app and share it for install on other android phones?

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  10. when relese android 2.1,which is beter to update original official released r pipeline
    please kindly advise me

  11. soknangGuest 5 years ago


    My I5700 android with


    Which is in europ version, then can i update it Asia version with I570EDXJC4? if possible, where can i get this firmware?


  12. marcoGuest 4 years ago

    I have a question: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, stone ring will function normally?