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The ad spot Google should have run in the Super Bowl

The predictions were correct. Google aired their first Super Bowl ad called “Parisian Love“. As Eric Schmidt put it, “Hell has indeed frozen over.” The search giant generally dismissed brand advertising as a waste of money, but change its mind for the most-watched TV program in United States history.

I thought the ad was kind of lame and a wasted opportunity for Google. Everyone knows they represent search, so I don’t get why we didn’t see a new product promoted.

An estimated 106 million viewers tuned in and I doubt most of them even know what Android is.

We think Google should have shown some clips from their excellent Nexus One short films. The 5th and final video was posted this week and it’s one of the best examples of how an Android phone is used throughout the day. The Nexus One is the most awesome phone (and coolest gadget period) I have ever owned, but most of the general public has yet to hear about it.

What do you think? Did Google screw up and pick the wrong ad? Do you prefer “Parisian Love” or “Nexus One: Day One“?

Did you miss the big game? Watch, vote, and share the 2010 Super Bowl commercials on YouTube.

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