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Warning: Do not try this at home with your Nexus One

I didn’t want to repost every single video from the story of the Google Nexus One, but I find some of them fascinating. The latest episode in the series gives a behind the scenes look at HTC’s testing process for new phones.

We get to see to see a variety of stress tests that the Nexus One had to endure including:

  • Button test: simulates lifetime use of trackball
  • Tumble test: multiple drops probe phone’s structural integrity
  • Drop test: drops device from multiple angles based on tumble test results
  • Compression test: simulates interaction stress caused by objects in pocket
  • Bend test: simulates maximum bend stress phone can withstand

A reader mentioned in some previous comments that these would make for a great TV commercial. Google has generally kept away from television ads in the United States, but a recent Tweet from their CEO indicates a change in strategy.

Can’t wait to watch the Superbowl tomorrow. Be sure to watch the ads in the 3rd quarter (someone said “Hell has indeed frozen over.”)Eric SchmidtCEO of Google

What do you think Google has in store for the big show?

Source: YouTube

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