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AppAware: Real time application discovery for Android

4 years ago 18

Many companies have tried to solve the application discovery problem with Android Market, but none have succeeded (until now).

AppAware is a free application that tracks installations, updates, and removals of Android programs. The service works surprisingly well because it captures and shares the information in real time. Users can participate anonymously or share their history via Twitter.

By using AppAware, any user can immediately see which applications are hot by watching how many people install them. The stats can be filtered by hour, day, or week so you can instantly discover the most buzz worthy apps.

When users install the Android app, they can also see which programs are being downloaded around their location and find the top installs for their specific device.

Since installing AppAware, I have found myself checking the app several times a day to see what others are installing. It has been helpful because I actually discovered quite a few new apps before I even knew they were available. I also like watching the updated apps list to see which programs deserve a second look.

If you enjoy playing with new apps and staying on top of the Android buzz, then AppAware is a must download. Give it a try for a couple of days and I guarantee you will discover a new app to install.

Update: Several users reported the service is offline after we posted this article. It appears we have overwhelmed their server. We will post an update when it comes back online.

Update 2: The developers have moved AppAware to a new server and it is performing well.

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