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Cricket Wireless to launch the Kyocera Zio

Leap Wireless, which owns Cricket Wireless, recently announced they would support the Android platform and now we have learned of their first device. Twice is reporting that Leap has decided to pick up the Kyocera Zio, which was just revealed this morning.

The Kyocera Zio is expected to retail for around $200 and features a 3.5 inch display, 600 MHz processor, 3.2 MP camera, and runs Android 1.6. Kyocera is promoting the 105 gram phone as the lightest Android phone compared to all other models currently on the U.S. market. The handset maker is already stating they expect to update the device to Android 2.x sometime in the future.

Cricket Wireless also announced it has added roaming agreements to enable its subscribers to use its service in all 50 states.

If you might be in the market for a prepaid Android phone soon, visit the Cricket Wireless site and check out their rate plans. A $200 Android phone paired with a $35 monthly rate plan sounds like a mighty tempting deal.

Source: Twice

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  1. Malcolm WilsonGuest 5 years ago

    Sign me up.

  2. James RoaGuest 5 years ago

    A $200 Droid ( ) on $30 Unlimited Cricket Plan. Get me signed up. Especially with the nationwide plans and the first month free you just can’t go wrong.

  3. m4lmxGuest 5 years ago

    That would be sweet!!

  4. tbtx88Guest 5 years ago

    where can i buy this phone somebody tell me!!!

  5. TylahGuest 5 years ago

    You can only have this Zio Android with the $55 plan
    But its still better than $100
    Or you can get the BlackBerry with the $60 plan.
    they are exclusive plans with thoes phones.
    (meaning you can only get these phones if you use thoes plans.)

  6. Cricket Zio now available for pre-order, ships August 21st | A Boy And His AndroidGuest 5 years ago

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  7. jeffGuest 5 years ago

    i just got my zio…. it’s amazing! ya just can’t go wrong!!!!!