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Disappointment: Engadget goes hands on with AT&T Dell Aero

We feared the worst last week when Dell announced the Android-powered Aero for AT&T, but would not let anyone in the media film an actual working device. What were they hiding?

According to Engadget, the Dell Aero was missing Gmail, Google Maps, and Android Market. We already know AT&T plans to lockdown their Android phones, but it was a shocker to read the carrier might actually remove Google’s app store.

Thankfully an AT&T spokesperson was quick to point out to Engadget that the final device will ship with the Android Market. No word was given on the other Google apps, but Google is beginning to place more of their native Android apps in the Market so users can still download them.

Engadget reports that the Aero is definitely loaded with AT&T bloatware which the user is unable to remove and they feel Dell wants to turn this device into a glorified feature phone.

Another notable feature is the combination of the back and home keys into a single button located on the side of the device. Users must long press for home and short press for back.

Some people have complained that Android is too complex for beginners, so maybe AT&T is intentionally dumbing down their Android phones to attract the feature phone crowed who are intimidated by smartphones.

Check out the video and let us know what you think of the Dell Aero’s UI.

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