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Firefox Mobile drops support for Windows phone, makes Android focus for 2010

Mozilla has narrowed the development of Firefox Mobile to two platforms – Maemo and Android.

They had been working on an alpha version for Windows Mobile, but decided to stop development after Microsoft took a new direction with Windows Phone 7 (no NDK support). A quick look at Mozilla’s mobile platforms page reveals there are no plans for BlackBerry, iPhone, or Symbian. Since Maemo has failed to catch on, that leaves Android as the premier platform for Firefox Mobile.

The last time we saw Firefox for Android, developers had already ported the mobile UI (Fennec) and had it running on a Droid and Nexus One. Mozilla has demonstrated rapid progress in developing their browser for Android and plans to have a public release this year. Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s vice president of mobile, has stressed that his goal for 2010 is to ship at least a beta version of Firefox for Android.

Now that a Windows Phone version is no longer on the table, we expect Mozilla will reach their goal of an Android release by late 2010. Based on our analytics reports, Firefox is the most popular browser of visitors to this site (27%) so we will definitely keep an eye on them.

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