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HTC Legend unboxing and demo on video

HTC Legend unboxing and demo videos

Slashgear just got their hands on the soon to be released HTC Legend and they have given us an unboxing and a brief demo video to tide us over until its official release. Other than the absence of graphics on the box and a packaged microSD card, this looks like final retail packaging.

The unibody construction continues to look incredibly slick and durable. All reports are that it has a pleasantly soft feel and the brushed aluminum finish saves you from the fingerprint magnet effect. The optical joystick and AMOLED screen are welcome revisions from the original Hero as well.  The physical buttons are noted as a bit of a let down with a slightly cheap feel on an otherwise solidly built device.

On the OS side we are looking at Android 2.1, although missing a couple of the niceties of the “full version” seen on the Nexus One. The new Sense UI also makes its official debut here. You are probably familiar with it at this point, but as a reminder it most notably includes the new Leap function which allows you to pinch at the home screen or press the home button for a “helicopter view” of all seven available home screens and the new Friend Stream which tries to give you a single feed view of your social networks.

The Legend should be arriving on European carriers next month, but despite some glimpses through the FCC we still aren’t certain of the U.S. release date.

While it won’t be the most powerful Android device to hit the market this spring it definitely appears to be one of the best constructed and best looking of the new devices.

So are you Sense fans planning to snap up the Legend or are you holding out for the Desire?

Source: Slashgear

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