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Motorola Backflip gets some AT&T love

After we saw AT&T cripple their first Android phone (Motorola Backflip) some readers questioned if the carrier was trying to sabotage Google’s mobile operating system. AT&T is still planning on launching at least five Android phones this year so I doubt they want Android to fail, but they are definitely not on the same page as Google. We saw evidence of their differences this week when Google went ahead and launched their Nexus One for AT&T 3G without the carrier’s support.

Back to the Backflip. I was watching TV last night and I saw my first Backflip commercial on ESPN (I think). It was the typical Verizon-slam kind of ad which mocks using voice and data at the same time. There was no mention of Android, but at least AT&T is advertising the phone.

Check out the ads and let us know what you think.

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