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New details of Droid 2.1 OTA and why it was delayed

Android Central has a great inside source over at Verizon and they are leaking more details of the pending Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid. The latest information states that Verizon will begin pushing out the first OTA updates around 9 AM PDT.

Only 1,000 customers will receive the update and then Motorola and Verizon will monitor the blogs for any potential issues. If everything goes ok, then the another 9,000 users will get the update at 9 PM. This will then be followed by a 24 hour waiting period, before Verizon sends out the update to the remaining phones in batches of 200,000.

The rollout schedule for the Droid 2.1 OTA is:

  • The first batch of 1,000 updates will be pushed out at 9 a.m. PDT.
  • Assuming all goes well, another 9,000 updates will go out at 8:59 p.m. PDT.
  • After that, there’s a 24-hour waiting period (to make sure all’s still well.)
  • Then 200,000 updates will go out on Saturday, March 20.
  • Another batch of 200,000 goes out after that, until everyone has the update.

So what took so long for this OTA to reach our phones? Motorola originally posted on their Facebook page that Android 2.1 was coming “this week“, but that was over a month ago.

A tipster is pointing the finger at Bitfone who actually manages the distribution of the updates for Motorola. We have seen problems with other OTA updates from Motorola (CLIQs to BRIQs) so this really isn’t that surprising. We wish Motorola and Verizon the best of luck, and hope this OTA goes out without issue.

From our anonymous tipster: “Not sure if you’ve heard, but the real reason for the latest delay on the Android 2.1 update for Droid phones is due to Motorola’s distribution vendor (Bitfone- now owned by HP). They are having capacity problems with a) the Bitfone application that distributes the updates and b) capacity issues with the current network infrastructure that hosts this application. I spoke to one of the engineers personally and they mentioned that Motorola reps have been “bugging them all day” because of the 3/18 commitment date.”

If you are one of the lucky few to receive Android 2.1 tomorrow morning, hit up our tip line with visible proof for a reward.

For more specific details about the Android 2.1 update, see our previous post.

Via: Android Central

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