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Samsung Galaxy S: Hands on wrap up

Hands on with the most powerful Android phone to date

Well after the news that the Samsung Galaxy S has at least 3 times the graphical processing power of other smartphones perhaps it is back on the radar after being rather abruptly unseated by the announcement of the HTC Evo 4G.

The majority of us won’t be covered by 4G WiMax until 2012 anyway; so you’ll have plenty of time to upgrade again. Furthermore this will probably be coming in GSM flavor so those who are with Sprint (or CDMA averse) will be more inclined to check out the Galaxy S as well.

Lets take a spin around the web and see what some of our friends had to say after getting their hands on with Samsung’s latest and greatest.

IntoMobile“Notice the crisp and bright display. Even underneath some seriously bright flourescent lights, the Galaxy S’s Super AMOLED shined flawlessly. The technology that makes the AMOLED display a veritable eye-gasm also allows for…an impressively svelte 9.9mm thin (device)! Combine that with all the smartphone trimmings (3G data, WiFi, GPS, microSD, 3.5 headphone jack) and a 5-megapixel camera, and the Galaxy S has the makings of one super phone.”

Mobile Burn – “Having seen in it person, I have to agree that the new Super AMOLED touchscreen is amazing. It was so sharp, crisp, and colorful that the photos and videos just jumped off the screen. The colorful new TouchWiz 3.0 user interface that runs on the phone, and notably lacks the much maligned widget tray, is a real step in the right direction.

One of the highlights of the device is the 5 megapixel camera and its ability to record 720p HD video. The Swype virtual keyboard is available for text input duties, and Think Free is pre-loaded for viewing and editing Microsoft Office compatible files.”

Engadget – “Let’s just get this out of the way right off: the 4-inch…Super Amoled display on the Galaxy S is nothing short of stunning. Put side by side with an iPhone under some very harsh lighting, the difference between them…is pretty astounding. Everything is bright and crisp, text legible, and the colors are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Touchscreen performance? This is another standout on this Android 2.1 device and coupled with Samsung’s 1GHz Application Processor, not only is it responsive but the UI is smooth and fast.”

One thing that I find interesting is that people don’t seem to be freaking out over the reported 8/16 GB of internal storage plus a micro SD slot, whereas when Taylor reported that the HTC Incredible may be arriving with 6 GB of internal storage there seemed to be a huge backlash refuting that as a possibility.

With the release of this most recent round of Android devices pretty much blowing the competition out of the water on the specs front, are we finally willing to believe that Android can compete on the storage front as well?

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