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T-Mobile offers perks for loyal customers

TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile is rolling out a new customer loyalty program called My T-Mobile Perks in order to reward loyal users and fight churn. The program is currently in an invite only preview and TmoNews says about 2% of customers have received emails asking them to join. Details are still limited but it looks like perks will include free minutes, free text messages, credits on your bill, and other rewards.

Special rewards will also be given automatically for your birthday, your anniversary date with T-Mobile, and other special Stick Together days. Some users who signed up for the program and took a survey also reported getting a $5 gift card from Subway.

Other program details revealed:

  • Always On, Always Improving: Even when you’re sleeping, My T-Mobile perks is working for you. See how you benefit from Always On membership perks and let us know how you’d like to be appreciated.
  • Picture Your Personality: Help us learn what makes you tick, so we can offer perks we you know you’ll want. We’ll show you a series of photos and use those you choose to tell you about your personality.

We did not get an invite, so let us know what other perks you discover if you are granted access. T-Mobile has no information about the program on their website and we are waiting to hear back from them on additional details.

What other perks or rewards would you like to see for being a loyal T-Mobile customer?

Tip: Some users also reported an invite when logging into My T-Mobile even though they did not receive an email.

Preview of My T-Mobile Perks.

Source: TmoNews

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