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ThickButtons launches keyboard for fat fingers

Are your fingers too big for the small keys of the Android virtual keyboard? ThickButtons is a new alternative input method that was designed to make text entry easier by shrinking the letters that are not likely to be used and enlarging the buttons that are.

The application is currently in beta, but anyone (Android 1.6+) can grab it from the Android Market. Check it out and let us know how it compares to other alternatives like Swype.

Main benefits of ThickButtons include:

  • No Change in Typing Habits: ThickButtons does not ask users to change their typing behaviors by learning a new way to type. Some of the recent predictive typing technologies in the industry include training steps and involve a learning curve before users become familiar with the process. With ThickButtons, just type the same way you have all your life.
  • Less Dependent on Dictionary: Traditional prediction-based technologies are effective only when a significant part of the word is entered. ThickButtons is unique because it begins working after just a few letters are entered. Less relevant buttons shrink and the buttons more likely to be used become larger. In some cases there is no dependency on the dictionary at all. For example, if a user presses backspace, three adjacent keys are enlarged offering a workaround for the most common mistakes.
  • Easy to Type Even on Small Screens: ThickButtons technology accommodates users of smartphones with small screens. No matter the size of a screen, ThickButtons becomes large enough for people to still use their fingers to type, eliminating the need for a stylus.

Source: ThickButtons

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